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  1. the computer is a new HP P6000 series. 3 gig processor, 4 gig of ram. i up graded the graphics card to a GeForce 9800GT. I downloaded the drivers from the website about a week ago
  2. This blury thing just started today, I've had the SL graphics set at high since I've been back. I was on earlier today and was sitting and when I stood up everything was blury.
  3. ok. Cleared the cache and it's still blury. However if i go to preferences and set the graphics to low i can see fine. any thoughts on what it might be?
  4. I've actually been off for a while and got back on last week. So it's a new computer, new SL everything
  5. either the regular second live viewier, or RLV
  6. how do I clear the cache?
  7. When I log in to SL the view is totally blury. I have logged in and out to try and reset the viewer but that hasn't worked. I can see the mnues and everything just not the view of SL
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