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  1. Well Im hiring female avatars for a volleyball league must be reliable a few hours a week. You can look at one of my other posts for details called looking for easy $L or just look me up in world. Noobs are welcome and the girls usually want to go shopping aferwards so we do hit some freebee places and some paid places that have good quality items. It may be a start for you.
  2. Wow i didn't know that the SL wage was 25Ls an hour I guess Ive been overpaying people for their services but I pay people based on their need and what my heart feels I should pay them for the job they are doing for me. As for that 3k to 10k if you find that hang on to it and tell me what it is lol The only way i can see anyone making that is starting something like E2L but better or maybe making a super seller there is this one boot company I just love their boots so Im sure they do ok but 3k a month i dont think they make that but who knows.
  3. She will not answer those questions those are very personal questions I think
  4. "The only reason the person of ability would slack, or the person with need would ask for more then they need, is because they are afraid. Afraid of being taken advantage of, for instance, or afraid that if they don't take more then they need now, they will suffer from want later. In a culture where fear prevails, these are legitimate concerns. But Imagine a culture where no one need be afraid because they can count on the unconditional support of everyone around them. Imagine living in a society where one's creativity is fully appreciated and valued, and one's needs are freely and generously provided for. Can you?" - Jeanne So let me get this stright what you are asking for is a world that is fair am I correct? If I am correct then you want this fair world to bleed off into the real world. I will ponder this for eternity because a fair world is not really a world I would want to live in a world where everybody gets what they deserve; be it bad or good because it could easily cause more bad in the world then good think of the horror movie wishmaster. One wrong word spoken out of context can cause you to get what you deserve. Now lets look at greed and the fear of not having enough when needed. If everyone has what they need and something new came out how would everyone get it at the same time and if one person gets it first then others would fear they might not get one fast enough so the fear will always be there.
  5. you may want to look for some in game tutors and places as well when you start building stuff like that. It always helps to have a friend that you can ask questions about. If you catch me in game feel free to ask me a question or two but im not a master builder or anything but you never know.... just my 2 cents
  6. Auto-Configuring Teleporter by eightball magicis wonderfully easy its copy mod and give away im goin to used the after i finish my rebuilding and since the script is also C/M/G u can insert it into anything u want even though i haavent tried that its baasicly a little black circle prim. I would feel guilty to give it away without u at least asking him first. maybe u can find some in world in not im me ill let you have 1 and send him 5 Ls to help my guilt lol
  7. Ok im now confused "I wouldn't mind paying a modest fee for my account to LL, so long as everyone had to, and if by doing so the $L was eliminated along with "private property." But under LL's current business model, as soon as SL costs me a cent of real money, I'm out. It's been fun, and all, but... sheesh! I guess we're all free to set our own priorities!"- Jeanne Anne under curreent the business model isnt that what tier fees are a modest fee for your account you just pick how much you wanna pay based on the tier IE this month i wanna pay LL $300 let me dump every thing and pay $75 this next month all the way to zero
  8. 1) gambling- common sense really heres some common sense any game money in any game can be cashed out for real money and any game game can contain gambling SL rules say you cant bet on real life sporting events so if i am in a game of WOW and i bet 10000g 50$ cash out value on a sports team with someone that is gambling but its not real money because you dont buy gold from wow making them exempt from proscution but makes inviduals responable therefore my staement was true a cope out. 2)as for where the economy is now people complaining and LL breaking a little above even in profits don't know don't care really Wow has a really great economy without the need for selling game currency as well as some other games. As for making money in sl it falls down to the 1% 99% rule hopefully i dont need to explain that. Its a game after all played for enjoyment why worry so much unless you wanna be the next chung lady whatever her name is once again dont know dont care. 3)now for the the copyrights/ intellectual property rights your right dont know, don't care. My example was to set an example about the rule as interpurted by some and probablay was not entirely accurate. "You're unhappy because I can agree with allowing someone to squat? Go ahead and disagree.........but don't try to counter something I said with untruths. You don't like the way LL operates...........why the heck are you sticking around? I don't agree with everything they do (the recent merging of the grids being one big thing I disagree with) but enough of what they do do I don't have many issues with..........perhaps because I tend to look at whatever LL does from their eyes. Not mine. When (or if) LL goes over what I think is acceptable, I'm gone. No fuss, no rant on a forum, no justifying my dissatisfaction with half or total untruths..........just uninstall any veiwer, delete any shortcut to any LL webpage and move on. I know no one will care one way or another................no false sense of importance on my part. One of a few millions who have created an account.......that's all." - Peggy Paperdoll 4) now you need to use your common sense I never said I was unhappy about anything. now lets not be a hypocrite and to quote you "don't try to counter something I said with untruths." As for what LL does whats my line don't know don't care at any time they and me can just got our seperate ways. Squat or not too squat will prolly not happen via LL but maybe a new person can start it over again.
  9. Are you available from 5-7pm slt Thursdays Fridays and Saturdays I'm looking to hire 6 people for a new volleyball league during practice week u get 100ls and base on skill your pay will go up during the season if u think u have what it takes contact me Alyssa xenobuilder or drop me a notecard
  10. Seriously the gambling ban was a cope out they could have easily made L$ just game money since game money is not real money its not gambling and continued to allow gambling for example wow World of Warcraft. Wow is just game money. Not that it would stop gambling. It just would have made L$ buyers and sellers and gambling could have stayed but thats a different thread all together. I don't even want to get started with what would actually cure the SL econ for users and SL alike because it would fall on closed ears. As for the law thing you are abosolutlely right you don't break the laws your company is in. But you also don't choose what laws you will obey and which ones you won't. IE copywright laws if i rent a car from Joe Bob and i make it into a miillion dollar car its still bobs car but its my design and parts on bobs car therefore if bob sells his car he must give me credit for the design. ie this was done by etc etc on my car. He does not own my design. but everything made is owned by LL so thats a pointless arguement. Sorry if this was off topic and rather long.
  11. Are you available from 5-7pm slt Thursdays Fridays and Saturdays I'm looking to hire 6 people for a new volleyball league during practice week u get 100ls and base on skill your pay will go up during the season if u think u have what it takes contact me Alyssa xenobuilder or drop me a notecard
  12. Oh u can simple right click and open up their profile and pay them the amount u want to. Hmm hopefully that answers your question.
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