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  1. 2,976 sqm of prime land, ideal for a gas station/roadside restaurant/trucking terminal is for sale. It is located at the midpoint of Route 12 in Gavello, http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gavello/69/190/80 in Nautilus and is the present home of CPK Cartage & Storage. Come visit this working terminal and see the possibilities! I am asking $L 5.5 per sqm which is $L 16,368. Contact Cosmo Kawabata
  2. This topic is so old, so tired as to be unbelievable! My first comment is to the lady that originally posed this question. Suppose for a second that you went to some of the groups and places mentioned on an avi that you believe is black. If you did, you could certainly tell if it is a parcel full of posers or a parcel of black people. Especially if you are black. I know, *I* can. It is not even a problem. I hear so often that 1) There are not many black ppl in sl and 2 ) Most of the 'black' people is SL are actually white ppl 'playing' black. Here are the facts. There are thousands of black ppl on SL! Here is a test that you can perform. Actually three. This will require some knowledge of black ppl so that these testd can be preformed. Black ppl, regardless of where they are from, have a certain 'flavor. That is, we act differently from white ppl! Its a fact, A white person can pull it off or a second but your world is too different, your likes are too different and you can't stand to be us, like we can't stand to be y'all! 2) When I was young, my mother would have me go to the door and talk through the closed door and come back and tell her who it was, Was it a black person or a white person? I could tell the race of the person by age 5. We sound different, the timbre of out vocal cords are different. And we all voice in here or have that opportunity. And lastly. All men here can get pictures of woman and I'm black and have hundreds of ladies pictures! 97% of all ladies that say they are black are black and believe this, a full 2% of white women playing black in SL, really identify as black, act black and the white community here in SL don't know them because they are never ever in the white community. 1% are posers and we just put up with them or watch in amusement as they act black to pull white women. Plus we don't really listen to your music just as you don't listen to ours. You put up with it! No , white people can't pull off being black, its just too hard.
  3. I have my land for sale but I don't see the yellow for that shows that it is up for sale.
  4. I can't log on to another sim because each time I try, SL states that I cannot try until a time later in the day and this has happened throught the day. Pleas help. I have important SL business on 1/30/12. Thanks
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