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  1. If anyone has any ideas I am soooo open... Have read all the instructions, tried everything numerous times but I am never found in the database to be added as a sub on the owners hud, He is listed as the only owner on mine, we have both reset and reloaded the huds and his still says "no sub found in database" - I am at a loss...anyone??? Thanks
  2. It says it it owen by me.I have set up groups before, never had this problem, I have gone thru all the settings. Am pulling my hair out over this one! lol
  3. I set up the group when I got the land..I have invited someone into the group now...we are both listed under "everyone" and "owner", yet all the abilities are greyed out and he can not set the land as hin home! I dont know what to do, I have tried everything! HELP!!!
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