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  1. Exactly. What are the features of the new HUD? Also, any hidden costs? there has to be a catch.
  2. Exactly! I RP multiple characters, A vampire and a werewolf in the mix, and I never needed to use a HUD like Bloodlines to do it. If anything, Bloodlines annoy people. Spampires that think biting people and keep their bite counts up is the only thing about being a vampire.
  3. Disagreeing with you doesn't mean disrespecting you.
  4. I am of the opinion that you shouldn't need an expensive HUD to role play. Titlers are free, if you want to name a character something separate from your avatar's name. Outside of that, you should just need to worry about the avatar's looks, which may cost some Ls. Then whatever backstory you want to give them. Want to RP a vampire? Great, There are plenty of sources to find inspiration, from The Masquerade to Twilight.
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