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  1. I have a fp15k sim for sale tier date on the 10th must be moved and renamed, i wont clear it until its sold my sim no renters so just need to pick up my stuff estate rights as soon as ticket is put in asking $300 or 74400L which evers easier, contact apache windstorm if interested will work on price for real buyers
  2. i have your next sim for sale right now!! It's a full prim 15k sim with a long time renter that pays 10k a week and wants to stay. So it dont need to be move unless you wish but does have to be renamed. It's on a magnum server so great building sim,Tier date is the 28th and my asking price is either $200USD or L65k contact me if interested APACHE WINDSTORM
  3. full prim 15000 sim for sale tiers paid until 12-28 so just paid has long term renter paying 10k a week asking 450 USD obo contact apache windstorm can stay but must be renamed
  4. 15000 full prim for sale tier date 11-28 make offer reasonable, empty and ready to go contact apache windstorm must be renamed and moved will take $USD or $lindens
  5. I have a full prim sim for sale 15000 prim tiers paid today not due untill 11-28-2011, cleared empty ,must be move and renamed, asking $575.00 USD also would think about renting it out to 1 renter, contact Apache windstormi pay transfer cost
  6. We offer good land at fair prices. Also skyhomes,a great place to live come see for your self you will be glad you did:)
  7. I have a fp sim for sale tiers just paid on the 17th contact apache windstorm
  8. i have a fp sim for sale tiers were just paid on the 17th contact apache windstorm
  9. i have a fp sim for sale plz contact me the tiers were just paid on the 17th apache windstorm
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