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  1. well i found that if I click view last reply on my community profile it takes me right to the comments...
  2. hahahaha Oh I didn't take your comment as a berating... I am just thouroughly confused. And you know SL, full of drama... but thanks so much for the heads up on things and I will be checking back about new stuff coming. Thanks Charlotte And Valerie
  3. Wow... hahahaha. Well Charlotte, I really didn't think anything of it until all of a sudden I kept seeing the name Resident everywhere I went. I was like, what the heck is going on? And thanks for the Welcome Back, I really like SL obviously, but sometimes The Linden Lab just does things... or fixes things they think needs to be fixed when they actually don't... Sorry about bringing up an old subject, but it just baffles me. Why? Why did they resort to this? It's kind of annoying and very uncreative for a world that is suppose to allow creativity, I mean is SL going under? Is there something New that is coming? I need to read up and catch up with things I guess... lol
  4. I have been with SL off and on since 2004. I have seen you guys come up with really stupid things, and then I have seen you guys come up with totally Awesome things. What is this garbage with not allowing users to choose last names? This is a STUPID thing. If I was a brand new person to SL and had the name Resident, while in world people have different last names then Resident,... I wouldn't pay for a membership if I could not choose a last name or even make up one of my own... Unless you are now offering users a way to change their names other than the Phoenix Viewer??? I guess I could see where you would be coming from there... But I do know some users who are like, "how come I can't have a different Last name?" Really Guys, why are you resorting to this? What's your reasoning? Did you run out of ideas for names? If you did, did you ever thing of having a contest or asking people inworld to come up with some names to maybe help? You guys have some 3D world competition going on out there... you might want to re-think some of your strategies... unless you don't really care.... but again thats up to you. I do have a suggestion for you, but again, you'd have to show me a suggestion area, this is questions... and complaints.
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