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  1. When I'm editing one of my builds, my friend often tried to edit the script inside the build to see how I did it and to learn from it. However it says she cannot view the script due to insufficient permissions. I there a way to give her access to view my script while I am building?
  2. Again... If your solution if to down load phionix or some crap like thta, i dont want to hear it... I like viewer2 i wont change
  3. Voids explanation depresses me, i'll ask the maker
  4. I deleted an animation from my AO and its not in my trash, i want it back and i cant fidnd it, any answers?...
  5. Well, nothing worked, At all. i hope LL looks into this quickly
  6. I However love viewer 2 and you could pay me to use anything else, i love the side bar so much and the sleek desgin of it. i shall try everything all of you mentioned (exept changeing viewer..)
  7. OKAY! it's about enough now, every time i log into sl it taked about 31 relogs before i can actually play, my textues dont load, my voice server is down, i cant move, every person is eitehr grey or a cload and it never resolves itself so matter what i do, help me?...
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