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  1. Is anyone else having cash out issues (process credit to Paypal)? I cash out every week... Never an issue... I had 3 cash outs (all this week), all failed after 5 days or more of waiting. All I got is a very generic email saying it could not be processed and the dollars were put back in my Second Life Account... No specific reason as why. I put in a ticket, 4 days ago, and several updates to it since and no response... I call billing, they say they have no control or contact with that department and I need to just wait for them to update my ticket... I call Concierge and they say that they have no control or contact with that department and I need to just wait for them to update my ticket... Yet, no update to my ticket... In the mean time, they are holding a lot of money... And I have RL bills to pay. Ive never had an issue, and nothing has changed on my end since my last cash-out. Anyone else having issues?
  2. Thanks Freya. No I actually wanted it in the Scripting Forum, since that is where most serious scripters hang out. Being one of the largest businesses on SL, im more than aware of the TOS. And my projects are well within it's guidelines. Weirs how you would automatically assume that it wouldnt be... but ok... Thanks.
  3. Hey guys, im looking for a PAID coder that has the time to dedicate to a few projects for me... Must be proficient at both in-world scripting, as well as PHP &MySQL, and how they link and talk to each other. IM me if you are interested. Thanks!
  4. Love Second Life? Have experiene running a club? Now you can have your OWN club, on a beautiful half sim, with no land expenses! Second Lifestyles has opened a beautiful club and beach outside our land office and we are looking for the right person who wants to run it... And with the largest group in SL, its sure to be an instant success! As the club manager, you will be solely responsible for hiring and firing staff (Djs, Hosts and possibly dancers), setting party times (at least five, 2-hour parties a week), building the VIP group, etc. In exchange, you will recieve a free sky mansion to live, keep 100% of your tips, 50% of the clubs donations, and possibly a salery for the right person. Apply at the floating application box at the club, located at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Second%20Lifestyles/128/119/22
  5. Need a gaming sim? We have them! Full Prim Sims - 15,000 Prims. 25,000 Linddens per week (Paid monthly on the 25th of each month for the following month). Must have an SL Skilled Gaming License and obey all of the SL TOS and Gaming Policies. SIn CIty: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sin%20City/134/165/21 (available for rent) (If above sim is already sold, come to our tier office at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Second%20Lifestyles/136/49/22 and we will order a new one for you. :)
  6. Looking for a job? I need a proficient scripter that has the time to work on a large project... This project will require: 1. Vast knowledge of in-world scripting 2. Vast knowledge of Php / MySQL and how to conect them to SL Scripts Please contact me in world if you are interested in hearing more, and have the time to dedicate to a large project. Thanks, Marina (Naughty.Feila)
  7. Hey guys and girls... Im looking for a good scripter to complete a few decent size projects... Must be well versed in SL scripting, off-world databases and php... and how to connect the two... Please IM me in world. Thanks. Naughty Feila
  8. Hey boys and girls, anyone have time for a PAID custom script? I need a script that will change the land video media, at set defined periods of time... circulating through a list of URLs in a notecard... Always rotating, non stop... Please IM me in world, if I am not online, send anyhow, it will come to my cell phone. Thanks! Naughty Feila
  9. Are you GREAT with getting GREAT search position? If so, i need your help! Paid of course. IM me in world. Thanks :)
  10. Hi guys, i need a couple of scripts FAST... Both pretty basic for a good scripter, i will pay of course... 1) Expand script. Its for a hud, where i can put an arrow next to the main "On / Off" switch and when clicked, it opens up more prims in the hud for more options. 2) A direct TP, to a specific sim and coordinated. I will be putting this in a HUD, when the prim is touched, i need it to tp them directly to my store. No local chat link to click on, no land mark giver. Not sure if this is even possible. 3) A simple sim health script, will also go in a prim. When touched it will display the following into about the sim, in a floating text, for 15 seconds... or give it in local chat if thats easier.... ~ Current FPS, Current Dilation. Current Number of Avatars Please IM me in world, of you can do this. Thanks
  11. Thanks for all the replies. Found a great team to take it on
  12. Second Lifestyle Estates, has just created a new mall for all residents. At the mall, we are building a really nice "Tropical Themed" club. However, being in the land business we have NO DESIRE to run a club... If you have club management experience, and would like to have your own club, let us know! The land is free, the club is free, you even get a % of the store rentals on the sim! You can install your own tip jars dor your dancers and entertainers so you keep ALL the club profits! Please IM Ali (Naughty Feila) in world if you would like this awesome opportunity!
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