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  1. Thanks Irene. That worked. Changing my password did it! Cheers
  2. Thanks Irene. I'll try changing my password. It says it takes 24 hours for the changes to kick in so I'll see if it works tomorrow.
  3. Cheers Peewee. My normal account has some L$ but still nothing showing in the Preview Grid. My inventory is there but no dosh. Maybe it is a bug...
  4. Hi I'm very new to all this. I've built a prim (using AC3D software) and I've uploaded it. I understand that I can also upload images etc for testing purposes to the Preview Grid and it doesn't cost any L$ according to http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Preview_Grid_Common_Questions. This would be really useful. I can log in fine to the Preview Grid fine but when I get there I have zero L$ and there is no way I can buy them. Have I missed something here? Is there something I need to do to get L$ in Aditi? Thanks for your help.
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