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  1. Hi All, I want to sell some things on the marketplace. But i dont know how to do that, i try to do it but its not working very well. Please can someone tell me how to sell my items on the marketplace. Tnx! Marya Danick
  2. I can work for you as a receptioniste at the clinic. can you send me more details about that job! Marya Danick
  3. I need money in sl. Thats why i am looking for a job that i can do in my own time that ik come online. - i can create 1 prim furniture - i can watch your store - i can watch your sim Every desent job offer is welcome. Greetings, Marya Danick NOTICE: I DONT RESPONSE ON ESCORT, OR OTHER RELATED JOBS!
  4. Hallo, I am intressted in this job. Can you send me more details and info. Tnx! My name is Marya Danick
  5. Hallo, I am very intrested. Can you give me more details about this job. Marya Danick
  6. Good day, I am looking for a good paying job in SL. Skills: 1. Shop/store host/manager 2. Phototographer 3. Host/Greeter 4. Matchmaker 5. Promoter If you have a job for me, please reply to this thread or you can contact me inworld Marya Danick Thanks!
  7. What is your SL user name[NOT your display name]? * Marya Danick What is your initial rez date? * january 2010 Why do you want to work for OneLove? * I like to make people happy to fine a new love or friend in sl Have you worked at a dating agency in the past? * I had my own dating agency 2 years ago What type of work experience do you have in SL? * I had several stores in the past What qualifications do you possess that makes you feel you would bit a good fit for this position? * I am a friendly, caring and hospatality person. What hourly wage do you require? * 50 L$ per hour is more than enough for me
  8. I have made a payd group, but i dont get the money when people payd for the group. I dont know what's the problem. Hope someone can help me with this. Marya Danick
  9. Hi, I will help you to promote your rental agency. You can send me an im or note inworld Kind regards, Marya Danick
  10. Hi Leia, I want to help you to find more tenants. Send me a note or im in world for more info Greetings Marya Danick
  11. DSN could not resolve the host name. That message i get when i want to loggin in sl. I have windows vista. I tried everything but nothing works. Hope someone will and can help me whit this problem. Marya Danick tnx for the answer but i try the router, it is not working. And i dont understand that thing wihit the 8888 Numbers. I could not find where to do full the numbers in....is there no other solution for this problem
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