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  1. I would use it just like i do with the casper system. If someone breaks my terms of service i would add them to the ban system. As for the flag system. Everyone can use that and most seen to use it just to cause problems for others. linden labs must spend hours going through stupid flags for stupid things. Is is quite simple, a panic button would be for the store owner only and could alert sl to serious issues quickly. If it was abused by the store owner, they could have a suspention. I appreciate your views and that you personally do not think it is a good idea. That is fine, have an awesome day.
  2. why would you need to ban every avatar? Casper has a very workable system of being able to add a name to a ban list which stops them from purchasing. Not to complicated. Same with a panic button but thanks for your interesting take on this.
  3. Theft has unfortunatly always been an issue in Second Life, this has taken many forms, from full blown copybotting of goods to account hacking. For the most part, the Second Life Team have done what they can, but as they say, these are our goods, so really our problem, they should at least give us the tools to help ourselves. As Marketplace grows, it makes it easier for thieves to find the things they want to steal and harder for Marketplace staff to control. I am calling for your support to request MARKETPLACE stores are equiped with For merchants. 1) A 'BAN' option. We should have the right to ban anyone from buying our goods, because of theft or quite frankly, for what ever rason we like. 2) A panic button to alert Market Place staff to serious matters. The panic button would only be able to be activated by the store owner, so could not be abused by anyone else. It would help marketplace staff recognise a serious problem if for example loads of merchants started to press the panic button at the same time. The current flagging system , whilst helpful, but open to abuse. If you agree we should have these tools in place, please add your message of support below.
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