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  1. I know, the question is 3 years old already, but maybe the information can be useful for somebody in the same situation. If you tried to rezz a no-copy object and due to some error it didn't appear in-world but DID disappear from inventory, you could think you lost it forever. I had the same problem but as I see now it disappeared only from the local inventory cache in your viewer, not from the Asset Server. So try to just clear your cache and relog, then force the inventory reloading by typing something in the "filter" field in inventory window and wait - wait util the reloading is finished, it may take a long time (depends on the total objects number there). ONLY AFTER the inventory reloading is finished try to locate your "lost" object in its original place, it should be there. If not sure about the folder, try the "filter" field to find it (but not earlier than the reloading process is over, or you'll get no luck!). Hope this information will help.
  2. SVC-7114 is describing something similar to what I've seen, but (like some people mentioned there in the comments) sculpty objects were broken not while editing, but "automatically" - we just came one day online and saw them broken (some of the sculpty parts turned into torii), called the owners and they re-rezzed the objects (but not all). As far as I know no people there ever used LeTigre SIMs for building or changing objects, and I've heard about LeTigre only in this thread. Do your words that "... has been fixed for this week's Mesh server." mean not only fix for LeTigre, but for other SIMs with the same issue too ? Or it's better to go to SVC-7114 page and leave there a notice about other SIMs in the comments ? Anyway, thanxx for answer.
  3. Thanxx Marigold for your answer. Hope the problem will be really fixed soon. But some broken objects could be "no copy". Just imagine: an expensive multi-prim sculpty object (no-copy) broken because of this issue... BTW, I noticed that problem at "Mullett" and "Ellesmere" SIMs. Some objects were already re-rezzed by the owners. There was one more strange thing at "Ellesmere" SIM: few times the SIM crashed (all residents who were there crashed and had to relog SL) and all changes made during last few minutes on the SIM disappeared (like the SIM was restored from previous backup). No new-rezzed (before crash) objects were returned to Lost & Found folder. I wonder if these two issues are connected with latest SIM-software updates ? They have appeared about 2 weeks ago.
  4. I see the same problem with some sculpty objects (as on your screenshot) on other SIMs - they lost their sculpty-map textures and turned into their base shapes (stitch-type shapes). And it is not just slow-rezzing problem in my viewer, other people (with different viewers) see it too and the owner of the objects says that the type of the prims was really changed somehow to torus and he had to delete them from the parcel and re-rezz again from inventory to fix the problem. But all other sculpty objects were ok there - very strange thing. Sorry if it is a well-known bug that is being discussed in some other thread of the forum.
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