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  1. Hi, I order my Linden on the 19th of Dec and I am still haven't recieved my Linden. I need to pay my sl home or i will lose it. Please can you let me know asap. Thank you Elke..
  2. I have a problem to get Linden, Yes I registered with Linden lab and I got a paypal account, I tried 2 times to get linedn and both time failed.. can someb body please help me??? thank you..
  3. I tried many times to post a photo from sl to facebook. but i always get a message to say there is a problem.. could you tell me what that mean? many thanks elke
  4. Elke Emsbury

    SL friends..

    Where can I see who is online of my friends without being on sl? I use to do that but forgot it how.
  5. I lost all my dances in my dance hud, what cost me a bomb, any body know why and how that could happen?
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