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  1. Thank you Tiffy for the Links and all other for your help. the Looprez chat commands: /100 make (create Skirt Panel) /100 move (move and resize the Cube to the Top of the Skirt) /100 link (Link all Prims) /100 done (delete script) (create "Skirt Panel" first then you put it in the cube) I will read Ged´s tutorial, for a better understanding how it works. I really appreciate you help. Thank you! ...I use edit 99% to create things
  2. sorry I forgot to say. it´s LoopRez v0.6-01 and notecard LoopRez Configuration. notecard: numObjects | 20 xRadius | 0.42 yRadius | 0.50 flareAngle | 45.0 I changed the parameter to this with a z=0.480 prim numObjects | 18 xRadius | 0.25 yRadius | 0.3 flareAngle | 50.0 I am sure I get even better results. However, I do not like the shape. ok, this version is like the Basic to show how that works Thank you for your comments. I should not spend to much time with the basics things. a men just try to create kilts and toga things ...and woman skirts
  3. es könnte das PayPal limit ereicht worden sein. login PayPal und check dein Zahlungslimit... das sich natürlich auch einstellen lässt. das gleiche gilt für SL bei kauf von L$. unter dein account mal nachschauen. häufige buchungen könen durch ein Limit überschritten worden sein dann muß man oft lange warten bis die freigabe kommt. dann bleibt noch die frage wo oder wie kaufst du L$. an einem terminal inworld, eine webseite, mit dem viewer? das kann an vielen dingen liegen.
  4. Hello I try to make a skirt with the skirt builder kit from NCI V6.x.. I have a config notecard with parameters for volume = 20, x, y, z. This also works well. Now I want to make skirts may also smaller. somebody has an idea what I have to change in the notecard so that the skirt is half as long as normal? Of course I made a smaller prim first. I have tried several times to change the parameters but it is not sitting skirt around the hips. it get to big ... and someone spoke of double skirts. hehe how? I would be grateful for any suggestions!
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