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  1. And good news: The Ski Jump will be a permanent attraction in Chamonix! There is even a group for residents to join if you wish to be informed if upcoming tournaments and news regarding the ski jump! The group is 'Chamonix City Ski Jump'. Hope to see you on the hill!
  2. We're definitely glad you enjoyed!
  3. I get asked so often how to get better scores at this. Really, it all comes down to timing and controlling yourself in the air. If you can stay relatively straight in flight and get a good landing around 63m or further, you'll likely get a 180+ score. That said, the first tournament's gold medallist had a high score of 178.68! I think you could make it to the medals yourself, Torley. And there's still time for folks to register for both the Wednesday 2pm and Thursday 6pm tournaments! Don't miss out, folks!
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