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  1. Thank you Chaegirly!!! This has happened to me as well and I went to status news.. nothing, went to status news on twitter and nothing there. I've uninstalled, cleared folders, reinstalled and nothing has worked. I hadn't checked the status again before coming here to see if anyone else was having issues. Sooo tytytyty! LOL!
  2. Hiya! The Big Day Hunt applications deadline is May 5th, in 8 days. If you would like to receive the hunt information you can either go to my shop and get it from the hunt poster board or you can go to hunt headquarters as well. There are still spots open to join this hunt. The theme is weddings. Any and everything to do with a wedding. Jewelry, clothing, furniture, poses, foods and drinks. All type of shops are welcome to join. Nomiki
  3. Thank you both for the replies! Yes Amethyst, see that's what I thought as well. It just wasn't umm right. Especially with the major lag that was going on like the last 20 or so minutes before we were all booted off SL. Thanks!
  4. Today I was at a get together and we all crashed out. We all logged back in just in areas we'd been at earlier on in the day. Not just one or two of us, all of us. So I get back to the place and there's another one of the persons there and they said oops! That they meant to restart the sim, not crash it. They claimed to work for LL and were a Linden. They also told me that the avatars with "Linden" in their names were just for account work, not remote admin work. Then proceeded to tell me that even I have remote access, which somewhere in my brain I remember reading that yet that it was not legal for someone to use? I don't know. What I do want to know, is this person just another griefer? Because I'm not really believing them yet I do know that the Lindens who work for SL sometimes have alt accounts. I don't know what to think. Anyone?
  5. It was working fine on my picks then just stopped. I went to AdN to slap their MM boards and get the daily pick and it keeps saying they don't show in the website picks. I've had AdN on picks since last year too. I have deleted and redone this store for my picks a few times now and nothing works. I'm not sure what is wrong. Does anyone know? ***Since there's not a button for me to reply to poster's I'll answer here. Yes it 'shows' on my Picks. When I go to the store, click their daily picks, it continually says it's not on my website picks. AdN isn't the only one this has happened with either. Yes they 'show' if you go to the website/profile area of mine manually. They used to show to the Daily Pick Prize Boards and now they don't. Am I making sense? lol Sorry if this is confusing, it's confusing to me for sure.
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