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  1. I have been experimenting with weights with various physics and I am not exactly sure where the limit is anymore with this land impact mesuring. So I am hoping people can help sort out this by posting the highest results they get so we can find out where the cealing is. My Ship with flight scripts activated: Land Impact: 113 Download Weight: 34.306750 Physics Weight: 112.612200 Server Weight: 22.000000
  2. Hey,.. So today I started making Avi's in C4D, but for some reason SL is not picking up on the bone structure. Is there some kind of plug in that C4d Needs? I am exporting with dae, and have even gone so far isa takign the msmimple bot and applying it directly to my avi's so the naming of the body is correct. Am I missing something? Please let me know, Summer
  3. Ok so how do you connect a custon mech avi with the skeleton of the mesh bones structure?
  4. Questions: 1) is 1m in 3ds-Max the same as 1m in SL 2) is there a video tut anywhere of rigging?
  5. I have a seperate online account for my linden monies and other online transactions, so it's not tied to my main accounts.
  6. I am in the volunteer group.. I have no money in my account to buy lindens...
  7. Ok, I did the quiz and I have payment and age verified on file. It's been 2 days since the quiz and I cannot upload. I get as far as ebing able to calculate and such. But it keeps sayign I have to do the quiz and I completed that 100%. Am I missing something?
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