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  1. i'd just like to be able to resell some items in the same vendor but with different prices. i don't want it to be random. i don't want a gatcha vendor. i'm reselling some gatcha items but giving ppl a choice of what they are buying.
  2. i'm wondering if there's a vendor out there that i could put various items with different prices for the different items. i wouldn't be the creator but the reseller. for example, i'd like to put a specific gatcha/gacha collection items each item having a different price and that ppl could scroll through to choose which one they'd like to buy instead of a vedor with a specific price.
  3. Thanks Ashy. The Galaxy is really nice but I was wondering if there were any ships or yachts that actually sailed=moved. I'm really looking for is something really nice to take someone special on a date.
  4. Hi iCade, I guess I must be lucky :matte-motes-sunglasses-2: There were a couple of people that were willing to sell at somewhat reasonable prices. it took a little wheeling and dealing but I got a few. And what I meant in regards to unresonable are those people that are asking astronomical prices such that you know they don't really mean to sell. Now I'm the proud owner of 3 of the cutest clovers ever lol. Now I just need a couple of elderly dryads for my collection.
  5. Hi, I'm looking for restaurants and/or cruises with service. I've been to couple of restaurants but I was wondering if ppl could recommend some their favorite places. I was also wondering if there are cruises we can take? I don't know it that even exists but I think it'd be really cool if it did. Thanks everyone.
  6. I've been looking for clover meeroos for awhile but I can't pay outrageous prices. If someone has clover meeroos for sale at resonable prices please contact me.
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