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  1. BDSM World is currently looking for enthusiastic people to come help us build the darkest amusement park in Second Life. We're hiring: DJs Dancers Event Managers Artist Builders Masters and Mistresses (escorts) Marketing Public Relations Fun, easy going atmosphere. We’re a new, classy, dirty 70s adult sim. Be on the ground floor of a start-up sim. Please fill out the application and contact Rasputtin Szczepanski or MiniTattoo (Owners) For DJs, you keep 100% of the tips. We’re open to all types of DJs but are interested in one with a wide and interesting library of 70s music, including Disco, easy listening and Southern California Rock. You need your own stream http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fata%20Morgana/151/180/23
  2. I would like to start offering space on my sim for stores - does anyone know of a good tutorial or a list of good "lesson's learned" on how to go about it?
  3. Looking for a DJ for 8JULY 8 PM and for possible future gigs. IM me in SL. Need a good collection of disco!
  4. and to follow up - got my own land - got a nice 70s trailer - put it down - same error twice - zoomed in and moved into middle of land - and the entire thing is now gone - not even coming back into my inventory. So I guess it's that same error that is mentioned earlier in this thread.
  5. wow. Lots of smart people here : ) I gave up the home. The part of the story I left out is that when I TPed to my brand new home, there was a couple in it! I asked, "there isn't a single person on this sim except the 3 of you and you are in my brand new Linden house." The girl said "Stopping camming me." I said, "/me averts his eyes." the guy apolgizes and said he had just given it up. Anyway, I gave it up and rented some land where I can put objects down.
  6. I finally got my card to work. Didin't put the dot after the "st." Porn sites are easier to give money to than SL is...not that I would know about that. Don't use the gift cards FOR AGE VERIFICATION. Use it to take money. If it's about money laundering - why is there no open communication about it - they really do sucks when it comes to payment.
  7. Ok - my Linden granted home lasted about ten minutes. As soon as I was prevented from putting down furniture...IN MY HOME...I abandoned it. Just venting...but really. Come on.
  8. I just want to throw this out here - not sure if Linden tracks this stuff though, but they should. I've enjoyed SL for over five years and the one thing that I've consistantly found is that giving Linden money was the hardest, most difficult part. FIrst, gift cards. SL doesn't have gift cards like other social games has. Neither do they accept major gift cards like Vanilla Visa. I just tried to use my regular credit card, and even that got denied. I've read the help forums that state that maybe I've gotten my address wrong or some other user generated error - but LINDEN is the only company that I have this problem. with. I want Linden to suceed. They should make money. Their product is unique in the MMO universe. Something is wrong with the accounting part of SL though. I WANT to give moneyh to Linden...yet there seems to be barriers at ever f-ing step.
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