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  1. LL sent this email subject: Second Life: Account On Hold For Transaction Verification Dear Daark, We regret to inform you that the party, mariadragomiroiu ,who recently sent you L$28,000 may have used an unauthorized source to make the purchase from Linden Lab. As a result of this fraudulent activity, and per the Second Life Terms of Service, the L$ purchased by this account are voided. Regards, Linden Lab I see this has happened to others.. Im quite upset over losing the L$28K but ... I WANT MY PROPERTY BACK, Its worth over $100 US dollars and now its STOLEN PROPERTY. Apparently that's why they used fraudulent means of getting the L's to buy it. I have the transaction info and the Item UUID. This person IS A THIEF period! I filed an abuse report, but because LL has put their account on hold I am not able to select their name for the report, as it is "Not Found". so in order to send the report I selected "Linden Lab' as the name just so it would go through. I am waiting for a response. (Although being patient is somewhat stifled as I read the other posts on this subject). I know the money is not mine to keep. (and now I have $L -7,689 due to spending some of what I thought was mine to spend) THE PROPERTY THEY STOLE IS MINE. I WANT IT BACK
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