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  1. I always try to explore as much as possible. Sometimes it's easy to just start a conversation with someone and talk for a bit. Works for me at clothing stores waiting for a Lucky Chair. Also, go to clubs, join the contests and make yourself noticeable around others. Go to some of the new destinations that are posted on the grid when you sign in and see how many people are in that area. Good word of advice, read profile as well before just adding someone to your friends list. It's beginning to be that time of year to clean out my Friends list. Alot have not been on for months or close to a couple of years. Looking for new people as well to hang out with when I'm on. If you like to joke around and be funny, sometimes the goofy stuff on here turns a bad week into a good week. Always up for a good chat or laugh. Lacey
  2. In my contact information I want to change my email address. I don't remember password for old one and no longer have access to the old email. Need help. Thanks
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