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  1. Familiar with Game of Thrones? We are proud to announce that Kings Landing has come alive in Second Life and we invite serious roleplayers who seek immersive intense roleplay with like-minded people who adore the Game of Thrones saga. We are growing fast and currently have on going political stories, detailed plot lines and a variety of options for your personal characters. We are not a cannon sim and do not allow cannon characters. Roleplay should be about you and your imagination. We are set in a divergent time from the books and not bound to rp by what has been written. Everyone has a chance to take the Iron Throne. Our Website http://gotrp.enjin.com/ SlUrl: http://slurl.com/secondlife/wishes////?title=King%27s%20Landing
  2. The problem isn't even being able to see a totally different Sim, it's starts at the plot of land that backs right up to the one I bought. Litterally she stepped one foot outside the property line and got a maturity warning. :smileysad:
  3. So I was never one of the residents worried about having teens on the grid. In fact when my daughter turned 16 I helped her set up an avi and today bought a piece of land for her to have a home. I bought a PG plot on the mainland. However, all she has to do is step ONE parcle over and it's rated Mature. I was under the impression PG areas on the mainland were NOT this close to mature rated areas! I'd heard with some grapics tweaking and camming that it was possible to look into a mature sim from a PG but I had no clue LL didn't have a better handle on this. Thanks LL for totally proving everyone's point that you are not going to keep these kids a safe distance from areas you touted they weren't going to be alowed near. Now I have a piece of land I can't use and won't let her into either. Wasted time and LL$
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