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  1. Lately, and most likely due to the new change in Hotmail (Outlook), all of my Em-aisl from Second Lfie have been going into the Junk Mail Folder. I wonder if there's a method to fixing it so that all Email from anyone (groups or personal IMs) aren't sent there? I tried doing a filter option but it doesn't seem to work.
  2. yeah, I tried to upload it through there but I kept getting "Error code: upload failed" message. Anyway, I was using the traditional SL viewer, but I finally got convinced to switch over to Firestorm, where the issue hasn't come up. So if anything whatever the avatar graphics bug came from, came from the SL viewer itself.
  3. I don't know if this is the right forum to put this in, but I don't see a bug report in regards to this issue, so I'm trying here. Just recently I've come across a weird issue where avatars are coming up rather bizarre in color. In fact, on my SL viewer it's showing that my own avatar, which is supposed to be a lizard with dark green scales, is coming on in the viewer as a lizard with blotches of pale green scales (some even to the verge of being white). This has been going on recently and I have no idea how to fix this issue. I've already tried clearing the cache, fiddling with the graphics settings, updating (and even rolling back!) the graphics card, and uninstalling and reinstalling the entire client, and still the same result comes up. If anyone has any suggestions on how to correct this issue, please let me know. As for the graphics itself, it's the built-in graphics card that the laptop came with (Intel HD graphics). I have an image of the issue as a screenshot, though I don't know how to upload it.
  4. Found it. It was an attachment that was giving me the problem. Thanks.
  5. I've been having an issue with this problem for a while, and I just recently uninstalled and reinstalled the program to see if it would fix that, but no go. Quite often, when I'm teleporting from one place to another, either using a landmark or using the home shortcut, It would make the sound effect of me teleporting, then stutter partway through, then crash with a bug report. I'm used to it happening a few times, but now lately it happens on almost every attempt I made at teleporting anyplace. If anyone has any suggestions on how to fix this issue, I'd appreciate it.
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