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  1. @ittwiz , not that I post the most interesting stuff in the universe but I talk about every day bugs I find in SL, that normally I never jira... so if someone wants to jira them... go ahead :D

  2. yes that will work basically powerline Ethernet is the same as a wired ethernet,it just changes the modulation of the data so it can travel over the powerline.


    It's faster than Wireless, and a great alternative for places where you can't really drill holes.


    the only drawback is that they system has to be on the same power circuit, so if you have messy powerlines in your house or a lot of breaker boxes or anything that could make the flux non continous it will not work.


    however if you can get a simple ping, then yes SL will work.


    as I said it's no different from wired, wireless, etc.

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