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  1. the last script posted there is not effective,add this to yours: on_rez(integer x){llResetScript();} less overhead..
  2. This is my pick it's no longer mantained but it works good... LSL-Editor http://www.lsleditor.org/
  3. I hope this one has the fix of: The ubber annoying bug
  4. I hope REALLY hope this changes something, you do not lack input from us, the userbase, you do not respond to our input, JIRA is filled, Office Hours have been productive, the BLogurms are filled with people asking for stuff, really we DO SCREAM to get a better SL, but who is listening, that's where it fails.
  5. I really hope https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-24361 is fixed in this version I'm on 2.6 developers and it's killing me
  6. it's interesting how people do attack ao's as scripts that impact the sim, and try to change them to be client side, There are so-so many things that could be done client side by LL,that could really be much easier and worth it than the client side AO. ( that I agree indeed ends up helping, but really not that much, I know I coded an AO from scratch, and did extensive research on how to optimize it the most so it would not impact any sim ) Anyhow I have always wondered why on earth we still need fight enhancers, is that not like a single integer that needs to be changed on the viewer code (
  7. been trying to use it since it was posted on twitter 1 hour ago, at least say what we need to qualify so we stop reloading our viewers like idiots... geez. , and "sytem setup details" is really not informative, as well as other factors, it can mean ANYTHING, at least give us a list of things we should have or should not have to qualify. Thank you.
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