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  1. I am invisable to Hillary Nestler and she is invisable on my list > why is this happening i didn't unfriend her not would i block her and she would not either , please help here it making my SL **bleep**ty
  2. How do i get my inventory back i have cleared cache several time actually daily and for the last few weeks ,, all i see are empty folders ,, please help , i am going crazy here ,, and i am tried of wearing the same stuff
  3. my account was hacked because i opened a link in an im from a club i don't go to ,, club taste with the owner Sin Silverfall ,, who i believe took my lindens 6,7888 i believe she had something to do with this
  4. after i updated firestorm i now have less inventory ,, almost all my clothes and items are missing ,, as well as favoriets on my landmarks please advise
  5. great that i now have my 6425 Lindens back but i am still missing 1500 as a gift from a friend ,, and i just bought 10 US dollars worth Lindens because i was trying to rent a place,, thats no showing up either ,,, Usually if i purchase Lindens they show up imediatly Please advise Audreysieg@gmail.com
  6. i have had to change my PW today because i couldn't get in my account,, i bought 20$ worth of lindens a few days ago and my BF gave me 1500 so my account had more than 7,000 lindens friday today is sunday ,, some one has them i didn't come in untill late saturday and noticed they were missing ,, ,is this game unsafe if so i want my money returned and i will find another game to enjoy .escape snowbear
  7. can someone please tell me why or how my LINDENS are missing I purchased 5,000 and my BF gave me 1500 last night friday 8/5/16 today i wanted to find a rental and i have $0 balance Emails Audreysieg@gmail.com i have added another acount problem here account hacked ,, please help here !!!
  8. i can not rebake or go into appearance i look naked
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