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  1. Good day! Here is my update from the issue with that annoying commercial and my music not playing. I knew because I've never looked at my DNS, it would take some research for me find out what DNS server my system is using, So I started over first: 1. I installed Catznip to see if Firestorm was causing this problem but I found that the issue was happening on Catznip as well. I uninstalled both Catznip and Firestorm and deleted what I had hope was everything Second Life including the folder with my back up settings. 2. I ran Malwarebytes and CCleaner again. I went back to SL and as I suspected the dang commercial was still there and my music wasn't playing. I must admit I was pissed and felt defeated. I decide to revisit this issue again at a later time. Long story short I can say that I do have music now and that commercial is gone. The ONLY thing that I did different was on the way home during a 4 hour road trip I was bored and decided to check on my SL sister via Lumiya, a mobile app for SL. The app if very limited but I use it to chat. I was on that app nearly the entire trip. I came home got settled in and logged into SL via my laptop and to my surprise I had music and that annoying commercial is gone. Although I'm super confused, I'm happy to have my music back. I would like to thank each and every person that gave good valuable information and direction in helping me with my situation.
  2. Thank you very much! I am going to work on some of this today. I can say that some of my SL Family have been sending me links and against my better judgement I have been using the browser in the viewer a lot here lately. I really appreciate your time, thank you. I will give an update.
  3. Ok, so that I do this right..... I disable the firewall while I'm signed out of Firestorm? Sign in and click on the music? I guess I will know if it's working if I get music through my speakers. If the music still doesn't work how will I know if it's me, my viewer, or the region? Please excuse my ignorance in this department. I'm also wandering what is the source of this Linden Oaks Behavioral Health commercial, I'm not sure which is more puzzling, my music not properly playing or this same commercial playing every time and I don't know the source.
  4. I have tried the cleaning of the settings and as Lindal Kidd had suggested a clean reinstall. Sadly I am still out of music, I still hear that annoying commercial. I also have an premium account, when I tp to that land my music don't work at all. No commercial and no music. I'm just baffled. I'm going to trying downloading another viewer to see if there is a difference, I've been only using Firestorm for at least 5 years. I do appreciate all suggestions. Thank you.
  5. Thank you! Will provide and update.
  6. I forgot one detail...... The visitors to my land hear the stream just fine.
  7. I realized after I posted this I spelled shady wrong. Either way I'm looking to fix my issue and tried to give as much details as possible.
  8. I have tried to change the URL. I'm definitely going to contact the manager later today. Thank you for taking time to answer my question, will provide an update.
  9. Good day, I would like to start off saying that I hope I've placed this issue in the right area. I've been a Second Life user for several years and I haven't had this type of issue. I am using an up to date version of Firestorm. I have my own piece of land and the music was working fine. I know how to change the stream in About This Land > Sound and just place a music URL. All of a sudden when I either change the stream or turn my music on (no matter how many times I click the music off and on) I get the Linden Oaks Behavioral Health commercial. Once the commercial plays in it's entirety the stream I've placed in the URL space will play like 15 seconds and then cut off. Once the music cuts off and I'm just "Second Life'ing" on my land after an estimated time of 20 to 30 minutes the LOBH commercial comes on and then once it's done NO music play at all most of the times. What makes this situation odd is, when I tp to other locations for the most part the sim's music plays fine. This is very annoying and I'm hoping I can get some help. Also what is really pissing me off(I hope that's not inappropriate) the facility has two locations near my town which looks suspicious to me. Here is the site: https://www.eehealth.org/depression-orland-park/. I now feel like I have been spammed or hacked. I've ran Malwarebytes and Avast all is clear. What am I missing? The only thing that I can think of to maybe place the blame is one day a couple weeks ago I was playing with settings for the skin. I wanted a different look than Firestorm's default skins (I like change for somethings). I quickly relied that some skins come with their own set of settings. Once I saw that my own settings had been overwritten by the change, I sadly went back to FS default skins and restored my back up settings. The music have been acting funny since. I have definitely check my setting to see what I've missed. Those of us who us FS can agree that the setting for sound and music is not complicated at all. Do anyone have any answers or direction? Thank you in advance Teetefa Evanier
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