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  1. Darrius and I have found a solution by saving the files as 24-bit .png instead of 32-bit- and selecting to delete the images from marketplace, hitting save, and uploading the new images in their place.
  2. Maybe if someone else is looking at this, they can tell me what they see when they look at my store. Darrius, I am on Mac OSX Yosemite 10.10.4 and Chrome. Im pretty sure that isnt the problem now, though anyway. I'll take you up on that offer of help. I'll send you my files - if you have a few seconds to check them out? I re-updated and re-uploaded them with the same results. So, I'm stumped.
  3. I updated above. I will try to change the images a bit and update in a bit.
  4. My video driver is up to date, and I just did a total restart, hoping that would do it, and still no... Update: I tried on my phone too with the same result.
  5. And I forgot to mention that it is doing this regardless of the browser that I use.
  6. I just uploaded a new banner and thumbnail image for my marketplace store, and neither will load as intended. They both just end up having a black box over where the text should be placed. This is what the banner should look like, for example: Then this is what it shows up as on marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/104695 Has anyone had a similar experience or could anyone offer me any help in resolving this?
  7. When I click my character to view my profile or try in any way to see my profile, it just shows a blank space where a picture should be and my username under it. I'd like to be able to edit my profile, but I can't even get to it...
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