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  1. I'm so very very sorry it was so negative for you I truly am. Please know that most of the folks there, are very kind loving souls who are able to reach out across oceans to make you smile I'm a 4 yr resident of SL, and recently decided to delete my account after my experience. First, I want to warn ALL women out there, about LOVERBOI or FloridaBoi. This man is a 54 year old married man, who works in telemarketing. He is manipulative and the worst kind of guy you could meet there. Beware. He is a true wolf in sheeps clothingd. SL for me, because of where I am geologically located is great for the winter time when getting out is impossible. But, at this point I'm going to enjoy my real life and be thankful for my many many blessings that are right here around me. SL is a beautiful place that needs work on who they allow in there. Somehow there needs to be a no second avi option. A very good friend of mine was jilted by a guy, that had 22 alts. NO lie. 22. Take it for what it is. Faceless contact with strangers like you would on the street. Use at your own risk, and ALWAYS, keep your private life, private. Peace all
  2. Hello. First of all, this really isn't as difficult everyone is making it. Maybe its been bad info from the Reapers I have no idea. Anyway. Hope this helps some of you! I am a Bloodlines Blood Doll for a Popular Clan. I have been with them for over a year and a half and adore them all. The Queen is my best friend, were almost like sisters...even in rl. My point here is. Most vampire clans have vats of blood you can tap into, so you don't have to hunt. If you do not want to be a vampire right away, and want to check it out first, become a blood doll. People can bite you, and you just replenish yourself with apples from the orchard. They are 10L. I have not spent one penny in my clan other than in shops that I choose to buy things in so I don't know what you all are doing with the fees. Strange. Be careful who you trust first of all guys, there are alot of wonderful good people on here that will help you. However, as in rl, therer are ones who are not so nice and like to play you. Just treat it like you would in rl, you will find it alot easier to navigate. Lastly, after celebrating my 2nd year on SL I say ENJOY IT! When you drop the drama, and just enjoy yourself, it opens up worlds you cannot even imagine! Peace!! Karalynn aka Alaskan Angel
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