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  1. Ideally I'd like to organize this way: category folder (furniture) >item (active) >item (active) >item (active) category folder (artworks) >item (active) >item (active) >item (active) etc. None of the tuturials adress more than version folders where only one item can be active. It's that if I were to place a folder for each individual item it would be a total organizational wreck. I'm not finding instructions how to associate items as it relates to organizing folders. Is it possible to organize the merchant outbox the way you can organize your inventory?
  2. I have this issue with one item that's been there, inaccessible, for 3 or 4 years. I can't edit or delete it. I asked for help via direct support but was not helped. Recently I wrote in a new case file. This item needs to go. Clicking on it kicks you out of my store. It sounds like you've also experienced this and it sounds like there is no solution. I hope this isn't true.
  3. Thanks, Josh. Im most cases i might second guess and consider this possibility, but as many times as i did it, the only possibility is insanity. Dakota wrote and said she can't help with this. She pointed me to the Dev Team, Jira. See you all soon
  4. Thanks, Zanara. That's not a bad idea. Can't change the description though, can only put anything in the rating. It's the price that's wrong, and no one can buy it anyway. I did put in a ticket and was referred back to the useless help files. I'll try again. Thanks for this reference.
  5. Thank you Zanara for responding. By purging the magic box i meant just removing all of the sale items. Scripts remain. I removed them and synced. This one item stayed on the mp page. The item isn't listed on the manage items list. When i click on it to look at the details of it, it looks like a full blown sale item. there's no option to delete. When i click Revise this item it produces a screen that says: So sorry to keep you waiting. We'll be right back! We've been notified about this issue and we'll take a look at it shortly. Continue shopping This has been there for months.
  6. A bizarre instance of an item getting stuck on my market place page. It was one of the first ones i put up and now i can't access it any more. I've taken all the steps of resetting, syncing, purging the magic box, and for some reason unknown to me i can not delete this one item. It happened at a time i was deleting everything from the page in order to start over (first days), and this item stayed. When i click Revise your item, I get this page: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/merchants/614752/store/products/1937426/edit It's been there for many months. Help didn't help. Support sent me
  7. Actually yes i did try that which led us to my other post. Since there were no uninstall instructions obvious for QA, i did the standard drag to the trash, then reinstalled from the same .dmg in the downloads folder. Same thing. Thanks, Celestiall, The app installed fine. Will try a pose and see what happens. How did you find this source zip?
  8. The save box was completely frozen from the second it was opened. Nothing worked except that i could write a file name. Esc didn't even work to cancel the operation. The only way to remove it from the screen has been to force quit QAvimator. Should have said in the original post, in the first words, that yes i tried saving as a .bvh. Sorry about that. This is not the issue.
  9. Wondering, has anyone else had probs saving files in QAvimator? Each time i've tried saving a file, the save box was completely frozen. Nothing worked except that i could write a file name. Esc didn't even work to cancel the operation. The only way to remove it from the screen has been to force quit QAvimator. Corrupt .dmg? something else i'm doing wrong? thanks in advance
  10. Has anyone heard anything concerning the QAvimator server for the Mac .dmg file? The file qavimator-0.0.118.dmg at the address: http://qavimator.org/ --> http://zi.furhome.net/downloads/qavimator-0.0.118.dmg has been down for days. thanks in advance
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