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  1. links sent over Arielle And one image posted here because I can. This is on a DAZ figure, but the clothing mesh is all mine. Untextured.
  2. I am a professional 3d model maker specializing in clothing, shoes and organics. I use Cinema 4D, Marvelous Designer, UVlayout, Substance and Photoshop. I have made hundreds of clothing items for all ages and genders, as well as several species. I currently work primarily with DAZ Studio and Poser. The catch? I haven't set up things for SL, so I will need a little warm up time to sort out the rigging. Probably a couple days at the most. Frankly I'd prefer if you dealt with uploading of objects and everything, as I haven't done that in SL in years. Hours - part time CAN make - clothing for any avatar or mesh base, hats, shoes, animals (male, female, child, horses, dragons, etc) Bondage and fetishwear is no issue. CANT make - animations, poses, most jewelry, armor, architecture or other hard surface props MIGHT make - full mesh bodies if paid well If you are interested I can send you a link to renders of models I have made for other stores and clients Thank you for your time TigerShark AU
  3. I model in c4d, map in UVlayout, group and zone in UVMapper pro, AO in Xnormal and texture in pshop. I presume I'd do the rigging and collada export from either c4d or poser, depending. I've been reading up on the sizing thing .. there are 'standard' sizes and then theres sizes for the various and sundry mesh bodies out there. So about as consistant as rl women fashion sizing *lol* Making the differrent sizes ought not to be a huge issue .. I can make morphs in poser on the av base and transfer those to get the sizes in the clothes, then export each one. Or set up magnets to size the clothes. Either way, easy, if not exactly fun. Tiger
  4. Heyas I'm just starting to look into mesh for Second. I've been making Poser clothing for mmm more than 12 years now. Are there any shops hiring 3d modelers or commissioning work ? I also do uvmapping, texturing and all that. I just havent messed about with setting the bones and exporting to .dae format for SL yet. I'm not interested in running or managing a store and dealing with customers. I just want to make things. Would I be better off finding a store manager to deal with all that and just go ahead and start a small store? thanks for any info, Tiger
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