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  1. I recently bought a new desktop computer with a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080. Second Life has loaded just fine and the main picture is working fine and in HD. However, the toolbars keep flashing on and off in different colours. Any help please?
  2. Thank you to those who responded to my request. Thanks especially to Zoshy & her "knight in shining armour" for those suggestions. We also found that Option 2 worked exceptionally well. To recap; Open Current Outfits folder and highlight all items therein, then delete all items in the Current Outfits folder. My partner then logged out and then logged back in. Her Current Outfits folder was cleared of all the trash it contained and just the relevant items remained. My partner then was able to redress her avatar without problem. Many Thanks.
  3. My partner and I have an issue whereby various objects ( many not avatar related ) are appearing on her body when logging on in Second Life. This does not appear to be a viewer-specific problem as it is occuring in ALL viewers. WE have tried removing the said objects and deleting them, but upon another boot-up sequence they re-appear. We have tried many other means such as clearing the caches and even trying to remove the Appdata files. Nothing we do seems to make any difference. Has anyone any ideas, short of her having to create a new avatar? I am asking in her behalf as my technical knowledge is somewhat more advanced than hers...but even this problem has me baffled!
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