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  1. Thank you for responding, Lindal. I just tried using Ethernet, and to be fair, I did manage to log on. However, as soon as I closed the program completely and tried to switch back to WiFi for normal internet usage (i.e. accessing google via Chrome), the adapter once again ceased to function properly. Ended up resetting the system after reinstalling the driver failed to work.
  2. Thank you for responding. The system is up to date, and I have uninstalled and reinstalled the driver for the network adapter. The network card, so far as I can tell from the few methods I know of testing it, seems to still be functional in and of itself. I tried after re-installing the driver to install the main viewer and log in, with much the same results as before.
  3. To start with, I will point out that I am using a new (less than a year old) gaming laptop to access Second Life. For a while, I've been able to use the animesh release of Firestorm (6.0.2[56680]), which I had started using on my older laptop. However, lately I've noticed that anytime I try to use the updated Firestorm viewer or most recent Second Life viewer, my internet crashes. As in, system-wide, nothing involving online content works properly. To be clear, the router still works, and other people in my household are able to use internet just fine. For whatever reason, though, my network a
  4. It might be something with the latest update to the viewer. I just tried with a third party viewer (Firestorm), and it seems to be working just fine, while nothing seems to load with the official viewer.
  5. So, apparently my feed is messed up...my display name on all of my posts on my feed prior to today have been changed to someone else's username (mirella.artful), and one post has been added which states that I, evidently, changed my display name to "LelenyLoka Demonia", which never happened. In addition, my profile pic was changed. However, when I tried making a post today, it came up with my own display and username, though the profile pic was still different (despite the fact that the picture itself does not exist in my inventory or on my pc). Additional details: I apparently am no
  6. A specific group of people have been attacking me for being Wiccan, ranging from verbal abuse to full blown attempts to crash me. I have reported some of them, but none of them have been banned. While this is happening in a weapons testing sim, the attacks are overwhelming and have caused me to crash on multiple occasions. The latest attack was over the fact that I had done something to them by "being born", and the particle attacks tried to follow me to another sim. How do I get these people to stop spamming me and treating me like general trash? Please and Thanks
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