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  1. ok not sure then i have the misicians and hosts set to change the stream and have'nt had any problems as far as I know but i might double check now you brought that up
  2. HI Bill not sure if you tried this but if you set your land to group then add that permission to change media in a role in the land group anyone who has that tag that belongs to the land group will be able to change the media streams. Hope this helps good luck
  3. A friend of mine just got an email from LL adress notifiying that a particular avie is following him? we are curious what that is about he does not have a facebook or twitter account
  4. As a landlord if you had no objects there past the date your rental was up then there is no expectation of paying any more than that week you paid for. It is courteous for a tenant ot pay back rent if they were still using the parcel but to be honest that is a pleasant suprise in my experience and not something I would actually count on. IMO its the landlords responsiblity to follow with rentals that fall into arrears allthough again if the tenant gives notice of non renewel it is greatly apreciated. No tenant should ever feel bad or like they are letting the landlord down by not renewing most of us know sl is in a constant fluid state I would rather leave the agreement on good terms than have hard feelings on either side.
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