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  1. Yes, I unlisted everything (under 30 items) and have started to put things back. Not that many though, that would have any major effect on current sales. I guess my products are just not good enough and I lack creativity, I just thought that there was something technical.
  2. I don't know what it is. When I first started I released a tattoo and it did okay earning me 40L a day. Recently I started making more products and they would sell for a few days and then suddenly poof... nothing. I notice I am barely getting any views even if I lower my prices or make a better ad, I put keywords in my item titles as well as in the description. My partner who has her own shop is a hundred times more successful. She even made a product for me which looks good and its not selling either. I am starting to think there is something supernatural preventing me from making money off SL. I hate this. I am not getting bad feedback from anyone no complaints on any of my products and yet, they don't sell. I am getting really frustrated and want tknow what I'm doing wrong. Can anyone help me :(
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