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  1. I am looking to purchase this particular bicycle (Shown here with a friend of mine) It was originally sold by Binder Motors, but the shop has closed and the owner has not been on since 2011! I am offering a 3000 linden reward to anyone that can help me locate this bike. (I'm kicking myself for not purchasing one when I had the chance!) Feel free to shoot me an IM if you can help, thanks.
  2. er, ok...anything I can do about it?
  3. I've noticed over the last day or 2 that my avatar is starting to turn invisible in spots. When wearing certain outfits my shoulders and beltline become see through!. I am using a bear avatar and i can look through my beltline and see my tail on the other side. This is regardless of which viewer I use, SL or Phoenix. When I remove the jacket of the outfit my avatar returns to normal. Any possible causes or cures?
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