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  1. Hello Fluffy! At some point, I need you to get in touch with me! If you could send me a notecard in world of a better way to get ahold of you, please let me know, I have big plans and important things to talk to you about. Thanks!
  2. Details can be discussed in world, you may contact me by IM or send me a notecard if you are interested finding out a little more about the project. We're looking at sources such as EVE, Deus Ex, Bladerunner, Halo, and other similar sources for inspiration. Build will mostly consist of a futuristic City setting, and a large carrier space vessel. I have been hoping to find a builder passionate to the genre that would like to get involved with the team and use the Sim build as a showcase for their work if we can avoid too many costs... however, I am not at all beyond paying for a very high quality product. I would also love to see samples of your work, either by image, or by in world demonstration. Looking very forward to a response!
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