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  1. The last server update fixed this issue!
  2. Yes breaking the llSetPrimitiveParams physics switch is a huge fail! Products broken and unhappy customers needlessly caused by a QA failure. 
  3. If you have objects and products dependent on this function, there is a big problem right now. They broke it in a server "upgrade". See: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-7305 There is nothing you can do right now other than keep commenting and keep the issue on a burner!
  4. Had not thought about this, but was asked about scripting a open close for a mesh door. The pivot point on mesh i guess is centered in the object. Any thoughts?
  5. It's more than than just not being able to login, a friend was logged in and sales are also not working even if you manage to log in. A notice on it might be nice....
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