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  1. Hi everyone. My fiancee and I are looking for a pastor/priest for our wedding and are willing to offer lindens for it. We are looking to do a Christian ceremony with all of the proper vows and whatnot such as for better or for worse and so on, as well as reading our own vows. The wedding is on July 19th at 7 PM SLT. Please contact me in world if you are able. Legacy name is 5ynester Blackburn.
  2.  This is my fiancee Natalie and I (Aiden). We are a fun loving couple who love to play games, watch movies, go exploring, listen to music and randomly dance around our parcel, and just hang out and talk. We are looking for some friends who are interested in the same things as us and who might be able to show us new places to go and just enjoy SL. Feel free to IM me in world. My legacy name is 5ynester Blackburn. Hope to hear from you all soon :).
  3. Stilling hiring IM us in world, drop by the club, or reply here if you are interested.
  4. ♪IllUzionZ Music Club♫ is looking for talented DJs. Here at IllUzionZ, we do our best to provide a romantic venue for all singles and couples to come to explore, romanticize, and mingle with other people. Our staff is very helpful with whatever questions you may have, whether you've been playing Second Life for 10 years or 1 month. We are looking for reliable, talented DJs to play that music that will keep our patrons entertained. Now, if you're inexperienced, or maybe you're just starting to get into the club scene, inexperience won't deter us if your personality matches the bill! All staff recieve 100% of their tips, as they should. We are doing a re-grandopening at the beginning of August and would love if you came down to fill out an application: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Town%20Center/183/168/23 You can either go to the club and pick one up or feel free to message 5ynester Blackburn, DarkMyster Charisma, or RitzieRitz Resident!
  5. I sent you an IM on SL. Let me know if you would like an application at the club I manage
  6. Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Celebration Sale ~ Jan 16 -18 50% OFF PACKAGES In honor of the Birthday of Martin Luther King Jr, The Heartstone Community Hospital is proud to offer all of our services and packages at 50% OFF. We take pride in welcoming all families in our facility. We believe that all families should be treated with the same care and compassion regardless to your family's lifestyle or make up. We welcome all and treat all as equals with the best care possible.
  7. With Valentine's Day approaching...why not welcome a Little Valentine blessing. Heartstone Community Hospital would love to be assist your family during this very exciting time. We have a compassionate and well trained staff that are ALL real life medical professionals who dedicate their time to to meaningful RP. Come stop by and meet our staff and let us show you our new facilities and continually expanding resources for all your family's needs. We look forward to seeing you all! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/City%20of%20Gold/103/174/21
  8. Login Failed - Updating Friends List. Tried everything. Did a clean reinstall of FS and SL. Deleted all appdata folders. Deleted Temp folder. Restarted computer, modem, router. Turned off my antivirus and firewall. I can log onto alts under the same email address. I can log onto alts from the same location I was logging into my main before which my main i can no longer log into because of the error.
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