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  1. Hello, I am not sure that this is the correct place to be typing, but I was wondering if Second Life could make a way for us to use our webcams while we are in IMs. Just a suggestion. Thanks.
  2. What's the URL, or web address to use SL in a browser?
  3. Howdy Sikkim, This is Paully Darkfury. I have no idea if you will actually receive this message or not. Anyhow...... I Google'd Sikkim Shino, and came across a blogspot blog, but there were no posts in it . I blog almost everyday, I blog using LiveJournal. Here;s the URL if you are interested. http://ppatry.livejournal.com/. I saw you, or your words briefly on SL today. This is what prompted me to contact you. You gave me a gmail address for yourself once, I could have sworn that I put it in an address book, but I could not find it anywhere. I'm still tbiman@gmail.com. Hope that you are okay
  4. What is happening with Project Skylight? Have they pulled the plug on it?
  5. Is project skylight available for use yet? If so how can I use it? If anyone cares to answer my questions please E-mail me the answers from an account that you do not care if I have or not. It's not like I will ever use it more than once to thank you for the information. If I get any. tbistoner@yahoo.com Thanks.
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