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  1. My friend was IM'd the other night by someone she chooses not to have contact with for various reasons. This person said they would report my friend to LL and have them frozen for a few days if my friend didn't remove this person's name from their no-roleplay list on my friend's profile. As a tiny bit of backstory, this person has verbally abused my friend both IC and OOC, and so my friend put a tab on her profile that said "No RP list: I will not RP with any of the following - XXXXX person and XXXXX person. It takes a lot to get on this list." Last night, one of the people on her list sent the IM that basically said they were being defamed because my friend won't RP with them and they'll report them and have them frozen. I did not see the IM, as that would be a violation of TOS, but this is the general gist of it, from what my friend said. Now, my question is, can my friend turn around and tell this person that they're actually harassing her by threatening such things, and can SHE report this person for harassment?
  2. If you're trying to just speak normally, within the normal 20m range, all you have to do is hit 'enter' after you finish typing. You don't need to click the say button every time you're done entering text.
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