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  1. I went here a few years back to create and would like to go again to work on appliers and such. I'm having a difficult time logging in there, it's refusing to allow me to. Yes. I have it set to multiple grids. Yes, I have the two: Payment on file and mesh up load status accepted. I have no problem logging in on the Second Life grid itself, it just isn't letting me go to SL Beta. I have tried my name as wolfkins rage @ second life beta, wolfkins.rage @ second life beta, wolfkins rage @ second life w/ the beta grid chosen, I've tried my name inside out, outside in, upside down and downside up! YES the password is correct as I can log in! JUST NOT THERE! HELP!
  2. I have been reading that many are using SL Beta Grid to test their appliers. While I've used it for other things, I don't understand how anyone can test their appliers if they dont have the scripts. The config script is copy but the actual applier script is not. So please .. someone tell me how i get my dev kits over to Beta in order to test my appliers there :D Thanks, Wolf
  3. Helpful! Took me all of ten minutes to find this thread then try out that process! Thanks so much!
  4. Looking for the Slink Hourglass logo. I know I can get it from Slink and did get the physique one when I applied as creator, but I sent a notecard and note through their website and got no answer. Would really lke to include it on the products I'm about to make :) Thanks for taking the time to read and/or answer! Wolfsong
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