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  1. Hello all and welcome to my post, I am 25 years old, a bit shy (but trying to work on that), silly, random, loyal, friendly, trustworthy and open-minded and I'm currently looking for friends as well as a brother. What am I interested in you may ask? Well, my interests are but not limited to: - Anime/manga - Anything horror, mystery, comedy, action (books and movies) - Roleplay (Any kind, really looking to get into one as well) - Zombie hunting - Fashion - Art - Games (that includes SL board games as well) - Sim hopping - Fantasy - Meeting people -Learning new things I have a SL daughter and I am also in a loving SL family, that is really great but my parents are also looking for a son. We do many things together, such as zombie hunting, motorcycle riding and even heading out to the beach, just to name a few. If you're interested, my SL parents are willing to go on a trial with you (like in adoption agencies) to see if a connection can be made. Although I am on normally on weekdays (sometimes weekends but it varies) from 3pm slt - whenever, they are usually seen from 6pm slt - around 11pm slt or so. Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you :)
  2. Hello, G'day I'm Koneko Kinomis and I'm looking for employment as a OB/GYN (Maternity Doctor). I have the Pooterbilt Doctor HUD and the Mama Allpa Physician's bag. I am Pooterbilt certified and I have worked in 3 clinics in the past. Due to RL I had to 2 of those clinics and a 3rd due to a misunderstanding. I am usually on from 3pm slt to late so you can find me available during that time. I don't mind offline messages either. At one of the clinics I was being trained as a pediatrician, therefore I also have the Pooterbilt Pediatrician HUD, but before I could complete my training RL interrupted. I have also been a receptionist and wouldn't mind being one again if other positions are not availble. I am very good with RP, I'm a hardworker, self-motivated, loyal, friendly and a fast learner. I also have good customer service skills and I enjoy meeting new people. I wouldn't mind being hired as a restuarant worker, bartender or anything RP related, if anyone is interested. Thank you so much and looking forward to hearing from you :)
  3. Hello, G'day, I'm having a problem viewing My Favorites Page from the Marketplace. I'm just getting an error message. Is it just me?
  4. Koneko Kinomis

    Missing pieces

    Hello, G'day. I've had the house that I bought for more than a month and it's had no problems. But all of a sudden the walls and floors dissappeared. Any suggestions on what to do?
  5. Oh wow, found out what it was, thanks so much for the help everyone, it was a script. Thanks so much for your help again
  6. Well, here's a link to the normal face: http://i1142.photobucket.com/albums/n614/KonekoKinomis/Normal_001.png And here's a link to the change: http://i1142.photobucket.com/albums/n614/KonekoKinomis/FaceChange.png
  7. I took two pics, one of how she looks normally and another when her face would suddenly change. How will I be able to show them to you?
  8. Well, I have an alt and it doesn't seem to be happening to the alt but my main avatar's eyes would close and her lower lip would pull in from time to time, usually when she's blinking
  9. There's something wrong with my avatar's face, it keeps changing for some reason and I've tried all that I know of, from changing shape to clearing my cache. What's wrong with my avatar? Is there something that can be done? Can anyone help me please?
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