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  1. Well, I heard of walls that "moved". And in my case it is the roof of an add-on (linkset). Roof linked to the rest of the building: prim-drift (rotation of 179,500 instead of 180 on the z-axis). Roof unlinked: no prim-drift But what if an item is no mod?
  2. Hi I remember, that other users (in chats) mentioned some kind of a "prim-drift" bug / rotation of prims at their Bellisserian homes. I have the same problem. Does anyone know, if there is a way to fix this? Eibhlin
  3. Hi there. I have a very small marketplace-store (8 items in total / listed/unlisted), but in my shop 10 items are shown. The two additional items have the same name/title like two of my regular items, but they have a picture that shows a completely different product (none of mine) and they have no price. These two items are not visible, when I open my merchant home and if I manage the listings (all items visible), so I cant delete them. But how can I delete them from my shop? I hope, someone can help me. Sorry for my bad english, but Im not a native english speaker ;)
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