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  1. Hi & thank you! - It does seem to be the issue in question - I've tried logging in to add my issue to the bug list, however it doesn't seem to keep me logged in when I return to the page. Today I am the queen of bugs! How do I contact Brooke Linden?! I'm fairly new to this myself, not complained before )
  2. failed & refunding. He does come up on the list - however the answer below seems to show there is an ongoing bug!
  3. nope, they are older than me - and age verified. He has made purchases on marketplace without a problem, but a friend & I have repeatedly tried to purchase items for him as gifts over last few months & to no avail. As I said his ID does come up - though it isn one of the 'resident' ones.
  4. The ID does come up on the list of users when typed in & the perfect caps / no caps option makes no difference. Help please!
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