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  1. Full sim is still up for sale. hurry and buy before someone else buys it!
  2. Full sim for sale, price is 250.00USD or 62,750L. There is a 100.00USD transfer fee that i will have to pay once sale and transfer has been processed hence the price. Sims from LL cost 350 USD so this is going for 100 less . Full sim 30000 Prims. It is attached to another sim but LL will move it at no cost once sale is processed. contact Scott O'Mally (chev.cale) in world for a LM and if interested in purchasing.
  3. Tier One is a company that provides 911 telecommunications to RP communities and we need dispatchers. We also need lifelight crews, ambulance crews and fire crews. our company covers all aspects of emergency services for communities and are looking to fill a lot of openings. contact Scott O'Mally ( Chev Cale) in world for a job today!
  4. Offering 911 communications to roleplay communities grid wide. No need to have a 911 center on your sim or the worry about having dispatchers. This is a free service and only requires a small space to place cell phone towers in each of your sims. The 911 Center will be located at the Tier 1 Corps. Headquarters on a different sim so you don't have to worry about using prims that you could use for more houses! Contact Chev Cale in world today about any questions you may have!
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