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  1. i DONT mean to upset anyone,,,, but i would like to acquire the BEST Attack & Defense HUD thats out there,,,, not also to "Attack" my friends,,, But Also,,,, to Defend me & my Friends from others attacks,,,, PLEASE know i dont EVER want to Violate the TOS* ,,, i just want the Best thats out there,,,,,,,, Price is not too much of an issue, if it's good,,, but i do wanna be able to Shatter others defenses,,, & Heal & protect others,,,, & Just Basically,,,,,,, Keep the Peace,,,, in Places, where i May be asked to be a BarTender & Bouncer,,,,,, While still being a Nice GUY ,,,,,, Pllease IM Tauran Royce,,, either inWorld or on FaceBook,,,, with links or inworld stores, so i can purchase,,, & Thank You for your time
  2. Simply put... Can i trade in my remaining premium time for Lindens?
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