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  1. Not sure about the first part-- I do most of dressing and undressing at home (sigh...) but I will go to a quiet region and see if the problem persists. Have not tried the official viewer in ages, so I need to download and install a copy. Thanks for the suggestions!
  2. Thanks. I'll start with these. Don't think it's the router, etc. because I reboot everything fairly often. But all worth a try, and I'll check out that link-- thank you again.
  3. I'm having a problem that I can only call "inventory lag." For some reason there is a substantial delay between mouse-clicking an item listing and the system acknowledging my input. I am not talking about the time it takes for a wardrobe item to appear on my avatar, but the time that it takes the item listing in the inventory window to turn bold with the word "(worn)" next to it. Meanwhile the previous item on the layer or attachment point stays bold. It's like I had not clicked the new item at all. Sometimes it takes as long as 30 seconds for the system to react to the click, and it's only then that the item begins to rez, or the clothing layer start to apply. This happens with both clothing layers and attachments. It doesn't matter whether I just double-click the item listing, or right-click and choose "add" or "wear." I tried doing a clean install of the most recent Firestorm version, but that did not help. I'm running Firestorm 5.1.7 (55786) on 64-bit Windows 7, with a Core I7 4770 CPU, 16 GB of RAM, and an EVGA GTX 960 Ti graphics card. Max bandwidth is set at 1500. I have about 27,000 items in my inventory, but at least half of that total includes links to actual items. Any ideas on what is causing this or any way I could fix it?
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