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  1. ok ive bounced around a few viewers, and pheonix is really nice.... ive used phoenix ever since emerald shut down....i recently tryed the firestorm viewer3 and the new SL viewer 3...of which..firestorm is ok but i cant see anything wit the skins since the blues, greys and blacks all run together to me..(not my puter..i cant see colors well)....which i tryed the sl viewer...which again wa sok, but all the colors are again running together to me, the edges on items are jagged not good, laggy as hell and i cant even open my inventoy without waiting for it to load for like 10 mins everytime...oh and i tryed changing the skins on firestorm which all of them was doin the same thing... i really hope they dont make phoenix come off grid cuz that would really suck for people like me who cant really see the colors on firestorm nor SL viewer 3 :(
  2. that are all saved as .bvh files and tehy all start witht eh standard T pose like if ur editing apperance
  3. i use Pheonix and i made animations, which all the tutorials and things i read online says there should be a "preview" box under the play and stop button...but mine isnt there.. the screen looks like what the photos on the wiki show, like the name and all, but under the Ease in, ease out, play and stop ones, theres no model i tryed switching to viewer 2, and firestorm and thos are the same way, is there a option i need ot turn on or something?
  4. well im a bit worried bout the underage people on grids so im thinking of a burlesque theme, all naughty bits covered but still leaves a bit to show like short skirts and such, but undies under em would that be better?
  5. im looking to start a magazine in SL, a type such as the Nudity magazines in rl, tasteful nude photos, or skimpy clothing, and im jus wondering if anyone has any idea on the legal situation for that. a friend told me it would be considered pornography since they are nude and could be illegal since theres no way to verify the people are over 18 in rl, but does it still apply since it would be taken on a ADULT sim and its a avatar? i mean im a bit lost on it because it wouldnt be a rounchy nude magazine, it would be tastefully done with articles about the ladys and men and info where you can see them work as a dancer or whatever.and the maganize would only be distributed through Adult sims and Adult clubs so my question is, if they have to access a adult sim to take the nude photo that i would distribute in a magazine, can i get in trouble for that?
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